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Jets Flight Connections 11-03-10


FB John Conner recalls his first time playing football as a child.

QB Mark Sanchez does his best to keep his receivers happy.

Maybe RB Shonn Greene needs more touches.

Better third down defense was a silver lining for last Sunday's loss.

Gang Green should have stuck to the ground and pound.

Dan Graziano wonders whether the Jets were overthinking. shares video of an interview with FB Tony Richardson. shares video of an interview with RT Damien Woody. shares video of an interview with OLB Jason Taylor.

Former NFL official Mike Pereira believes that HC Rex Ryan should have been discouraged from challenging.

Could Ryan have been too stubborn during the game anyway?

Is the Detroit game a trap?

Jets Kvetch blames it on the football gods.

Jets Twit kept up with the players and fans as they bowled on Monday.

Jason Cole points out the Denver game to illustrate a disturbing trend with Tony Corrente's officiating crew.