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VIDEO: Favorite Fails In Hoody History; Fourth Down Blunder, New England Patriots Vs. Indianapolis Colts

So, being that it's rivalry week, and the Jets take on the Patriots on Monday Night Football, I'd like to share one of our favorite videos. We love it, because it was an epic Belichick fail.

Last year Vs. Indianapolis Colts, Belichick elected to go for it on 4th & 2 inside his own 30-yard line! The result, was the Colts coming back from a 17-point deficit to win the game.

The best part about it is that he didn't even run the football. He tried to catch the Colts off-guard, but it blew up in his face.

How'd the Patriots do in the playoffs that year, also? Oh, I remember, they lost at home to the Ravens by 19 points.

(BTW, I love the song they use to go along with the video, made me laugh.)