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5 Reasons why Jets vs. Pats is the game of the year

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Some might agree with me here, some might not. But I 100% view next Monday Night's game as THE marquee game of the year. Here are my 5 reasons why:

  1. The Rivalry- The rivalry between the Jets and Patriots is one of the top rivalries in the NFL for certain. Unfortunately, for much of the past decade, we've been on the losing end of the rivalry, watching the Patriots hold up multiple Lombardi trophies. This coming match-up is definitely a chance for the Jets to finally turn the tide in the rivalry.
  2. Danny Woodhead- It literally pains me every time I see Danny Woodhead scoring a touchdown in a Patriots uniform. I knew he had such potential and I was so glad to see the Jets give him the shot to play pro football like they did. However, you know the announcers are going to beat the Danny Woodhead story over and over until it makes you want to jump off a tall building. My Christmas wish was to see Woodhead in Green and White again one day, guess it won't happen now that Danny signed a contract extension with the Patriots last week.
  3. Both teams are 9-2- The Jets and Patriots are the two best teams in the NFL judging by records. You can feed me the statistical BS that the Chargers are the best because they have the #1 Offense and Defense, but they don't consistently win. The Jets and the Patriots have done that all season long, win games. They have gotten their records in strangely different fashions, yet nonetheless, they are both 9-2 and atop the NFL.
  4. Rex Ryan vs Bill Belicheck- Two completely different coaching styles, yet two proven winners. Granted Rex has not raised a Super Bowl trophy yet, but he has done admirable in his first and second seasons. The game doesn't have the coaching rivalry and cold post game handshakes that Mangini and Belicheat did, but it's still a fierce battle to win and a chess match of great football minds.
  5. Home Field and a Bye- It's not guaranteed, but the winner of the Jets vs Patriots will likely go on to win the AFC East and receive a first round bye and home field advantage. It's possible that the winner of this game might have a late season collapse and lose control of the division, but it is not probable. Monday Night holds absolutely HUGE playoff implications, If the Jets were to win the game and ultimately the AFC East, it would force the Patriots to take the wildcard and test them on the road in the playoffs. 

Well, that's it for now. Obviously more storylines will develop as the week plays out and GGN will fill you in on all of them. Hope you enjoyed reading my quick synopsis of why the Jets and Patriots Monday Night matchup is the 2010 regular season game of the year.


On another note, last night I recently added a forum to my blog, the Jersey Jets Fan. Come check it out and sign up to start talking about everything NY Jets!