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New York Jets Lose an Advantage By Playing New England Patriots

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I normally like it when the Jets play on Thursday. There is no disadvantage for the team. Yes, the Jets get a short week, but the opponent gets a week just as short. However, playing on Thursday provides a sort of minibye, an extra three days of rest a future opponent playing on Sunday does not get. When a Monday game follows a Thursday game, it means ten days of rest, opposed to the normal six.

The problem for the next game is the New England Patriots also played on Thursday. They will have the exact same amount of rest. The Jets get no extra advantage. Both teams will be equally fresh.

Some people have a theory the extra rest will be a bad thing because the team had extra rest before its only two losses. I find this theory a bit difficult to buy. Those were two of the toughest games on the schedule, and there have been weeks the Jets have looked lackluster in victories. Give me a few extra days off near the end of a grueling season.

I suppose it's fair the league did things this way. For the sake of competition, it is probably best to limit these edges whenever possible. As a football fan, I think the league did a good job. As a Jets fan, I wish the league didn't do such a good job.