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What to do with Nick Folk?

I attended my first Jets game this season, sitting in section 101, which was coincidentally the end zone where Nick Folk shanked a FG attempt and almost botched a PAT. So as I sat in my seat in frustration over the kicking game, I was wondering what on earth should we do about this.

It's really to the point where I don't have any faith in Nick Folk. If you DO have faith, either you are blindly optimistic, or a little crazy. But does anyone here seriously trust Nick Folk with the game on the line? We are 9-2 and a team that is primed for a Super Bowl run. Can we depend on Folk to hit a clutch game winner in the playoffs? With the way the Jets play teams close, we need our kicker to hit the gimmes and make most of the tough ones. Our kicking games needs to be spot on and it just isn't right now.

So I turn to you Jets fans. What do we do about Nick Folk? Do we drop him like a hot potato and find someone who we can depend on in the clutch? Is there even anyone out there that is an improvement on Folk? Or do we just stick with Folk and hope we can ride his shaky confidence to the Super Bowl?

My final thoughts? There is nothing better out there right now, so like it or not, we have to hope that Nick Folk's inconsistency does not bite us in the butt. We play in close games, so I expect that Folk could cost us a big game this year, lets just hope it's not in the playoffs or against the Pats.

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