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Christmas Gift Idea: Rex Ryan Motivational DVD

In the next few weeks, I'll try and post a few Jets related Christmas gift ideas. Rex Ryan has a motivational DVD produced by Victor1. It is part of a series of DVD's featuring famous football coaches giving life advice. Sean Payton, Mike Ditka, Bobby Bowden, and Mike Singletary (How the heck did he join this group?) also have their own DVD's. I had a chance to review it. The five DVD's are $52.55 including shipping and handling. There is also a multiple payment option.

Rex applies lessons he has learned from football and provides advice for people in leadership positions. He provides advice on teammwork, taking criticism, and respecting others. There are some funny moments like Rex talking about the pride in winning a poll on a Dolphins fan site over Nick Saban to be most hated man of Miami fans. I'm sure a lot people will roll their eyes when a shot of Brian Schottenheimer as Rex talks about how he wanted the best offensive coaches in the game.

Mainly, it is a series of lessons from our favorite head coach about dealing with adversity.

Click here for more information on the series.