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LaDainian Tomlinson Postgame Press Conference

On if they feel good about the New England game since they have played so well on the road…

Absolutely, we feel like we have the extra focus that you need and that it takes to play well on the road.  I think we have that.  Like you said, we haven’t lost on the road, so that’s going to be a great challenge for us. 


On why he wanted to play with Mark Sanchez

He has a lot of passion for the game.  I think he gets it.  He has a certain moxie and a swagger to him that you want to be around.  He’s been leading us all year long. 


On the team’s improved performance in the second half…

We just knew that wasn’t us the first half.  We knew that we could play better.  We’ve started slow at times this year.  At halftime, we talked about and said, ‘Guys, let’s stop messing around.  Let’s come out and start fast.  Let’s put some points on the board,’ and we did that.