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Darrelle Revis Postgame Press Conference

On the chemistry of the defense…

Coaches have been on us about completing games and finishing out strong. Everything on defense has been clicking. It is getting late into the season, and  usually  teams start fading, but we are determined to get more wins and secure our spot in the playoffs.


On the Monday night game against the Patriots

They are going to bring their A game and we are going to bring our best. I’m looking forward to it and I think they are too.


On knowing the score of the game with the Patriots and the Lions

I didn’t pay attention to the score. I really didn’t know what the score was. I was focused on the task at hand today.


On the matchup against Terrell Owens

The stats show. I don’t know if you interviewed him yet? He called me average and today I showed him how an average corner plays. The stats don’t lie, you can’t change the stats.