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Santonio Holmes Postgame Press Conference

On the chemistry between him and Mark Sanchez

We have a great thing going on here, and it’s not just me.  It’s Dustin Keller.  It’s Braylon Edwards.  We’re definitely waiting on Jerricho (Cotchery) to get back here.  Look what Brad Smith did for us today.  We have weapons all over this team and we’re going to use them and continue to use them until they run out.  


On every game there being a new star for the team every game…

That’s what it takes around here and that’s what we continue to preach in the locker room amongst ourselves.  Somebody has to make a play.  Somebody has to step up.  This team has too many guys, too many weapons on it for us not to block like we’re supposed to, pitch and catch and play good defense like we’re supposed to.  Today, our defense really played their tails off.  Special teams did an amazing job and then the offense, we finished them up. 


On his reaction to Brad Smith’s kickoff return…

Man, I think NFL Films got it recorded on the mic.  I was miked up for the game because I was excited.  That kid is special.  Fortunately, I’ve gotten the opportunity to share lockers with him, right next to him.  He’s an amazing guy.  He’s been patient.  All this season, I’ve seen him work in practice.  He’s been battling injuries, taking over the job, playing quarterback, running back, special teams, wide receiver, whatever it is.  He’s been out there.  He’s our guy.  He’s our X-factor.