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Sprint Game Ball: Brad Smith

The game ball for this week is a pretty easy one to hand out. Brad Smith was clearly the difference in last night's 26-10 win over the Bengals. With the Jets trailing 7-3, Smith took an end around 53 yards to the house on the second play of the second half. Then he took a kickoff 89 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter after a Cincinnati field goal cut New York's lead to 17-10. He finished off the last half of the kick return even after losing his shoe. The game was never again in doubt.

Smith is a very versatile guy. It seems like he helps the Jets in a different way every week. Sometimes it is doing the dirty work on special teams coverage. Sometimes it is quarterbacking the team's version of the Wildcat. This week he provided big plays when the offense had issues moving the ball. We probably would have been subject to another agonizing nail biter had it not been for Brad.

He gets my Sprint Game Ball. Who gets your game ball?