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Nickname The Players

One of the fun things about being a fan is obsessing with numbers and nicknames.  We went over the numbers in the offseason, so now that we have some time before the next game, let's have a little fun and give our favorite players some nicknames.  We'll go over some known and already agreed upon nicknames, and then we'll nominate some for players past and present.


FB John Conner - Terminator.  He's also been called No Neck and Concrete, but those aren't very popular around here.

WR Jerricho Cotchery - J-Co.

CB Antonio Cromartie - Alcrotraz.  Yeah, I'm not crazy about this one.  I prefer The Cro, in some sort of vague reference to the Brandon Lee movie.

OL Vladimir Ducasse - Dancing Bear, The Impaler.

DE Shaun Ellis - Big Katt.  Note the spelling.  It's not Big Cat.

LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson - Brick or D'Brick.  I prefer the former.  Brick.  Nice and simple.

DE Vernon Gholston - Ghost.  I think we've all agreed that he hasn't done much with that nickname, and many of us here are still hopeful that he'll be a newly transformed player as The Kracken.  Crackback gets credit for this nomination, although I can't confirm if he actually originated it.

RB Shonn Greene - War Machine, Greene Machine.

ILB David Harris - Hit Man.

WR Santonio Holmes - Tone.  Meh.

S James Ihedigbo - Dig or Digs.

DT Kris Jenkins - Big Jenks or Big Jinx.  I prefer jinx because he's bad news to the opponent.  His recent alias is The Cookie Monster after his cookie diet.

CB Dwight Lowery - D-Low.  He's also been called The Closer recently, but he's got to live up to that.

RG Brandon Moore - Meat.

CB Darrelle Revis - Revis Island.  He was formerly Baby Shutdown, but he has grown up since.

FB Tony Richardson - T-Rich.

QB Mark Sanchez - Sanchise, Sanchize, Nacho or Dirty.  I don't care much for the last two.  Too racial for my taste.  I'm glad The Franchez didn't ever stick.

ILB Bart Scott - The Mad Backer.

LG Matt Slauson - Slaw.

Bryan Thomas - BT.  Yes, some of these are not very imaginative.  But nonetheless.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson - We did a poll here shortly after we signed him and the clear winner was LT, so that's what I go by.  For those of you who bring up Lawrence Taylor, tough noogies.  Some of you still subbornly refer to him as LDT, while I haven't seen LT2 in months.  My personal nomination was L-Train though, being in New York and having subways here and such.

CB Kyle Wilson - K-Dub, Predator, Isle of Kyle.

RT Damien Woody - Big Wood.

Tone, J-Co & WR Braylon Edwards - The Flight Boys.

The Jets - Gang Green.

Jets Fans - Gang Green Nation.



DB Ahmad Carroll - Batman.  I don't know what's behind this, but I just remember teammates calling him that.

WR Wayne Chrebet - Green Lantern.

WR Laveranues Coles - LC, The Sizzle Man.  My wife and I like to call him Turtle.  He looks like one without his helmet on.

RB Curtis Martin - C-Mart, My Favorite Martin.

QB Joe Namath - Broadway Joe.

FS Kerry Rhodes - Holllywood.  Some of you refer to him as Carrie Rhodes.

DT DeWayne Robertson - D-Rob.

RB Danny Woodhead - White Chocolate.

DE Mark Gastineau, DE Joe Klecko, DT Marty Lyons & DT Abdul Salaam - New York Sack Exchange.

DT Jason Ferguson, DE Shaun Ellis (still a Jet), DE John Abraham & DT DeWayne Robertson - F.E.A.R. Factor.  This didn't really catch on with fans though, mostly because they didn't always elicit fear.




CB Marquice Cole - How about Queazy?  Anyone?

QB Brett Favre - Brett Perv.  Sorry, I couldn't resist.

K Nick Folk - Nick the Kick.  An homage to K Nick Lowery.  Plus it rhymes.  Folk also rhymes with choke, but I hope we never need to call him that.

OL Wayne Hunter - Warrior Wayne.  A bit of alliteration there.  He was a Hawaii Warrior.  And he's not known to back down from a fight.

LB Larry Izzo - Larry to the Izzo.

TE Dustin Keller - Is it unmanly if I want to call him Delicious Dustin?  He's always talking about food and nutrition and stuff.

OLB Jason Taylor - Jason the Jet.  Because he wasn't always a Jet, see?  Ironic.

P Steve Weatherford - Shakes.


Think of some more and add them in the comments section.  Tell me why the nicknames are good or not.  Or simply ignore this post.  Hope you're all enjoying the holiday weekend!!!