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Cincinnati Bengals Might Be Cure for New York Jets Pass Rushing Struggles

The Jets have struggled over the past few weeks to get consistent pressure to opposing quarterbacks. The Bengals might allow Gang Green to get itself going again in this area. Cincinnati is only allowing a sack on 5.6% of passing plays. That's not terrible. Pressure isn't only about sacks, though. It is about forcing the quarterback to throw the ball too early. It is about making the quarterback rush his throw. It is about not giving the receivers enough time to get open. It is about banging the quarterback around even when he gets rid of it to make him uncomfortable. In these areas, the Bengals have not fared so well. They have allowed opposing front sevens to hit Carson Palmer 47 times. Only six teams have allowed more.

This hasn't necessarily been a case where there has been a lack of continuity on the line messing things up. Four guys have started all ten games for Cincy. They lost right tackle Andre Smith to a broken foot a few weeks back, but he did not begin the year as the starter there. Dennis Roland did and was not very good. Roland was pressed back into the starting lineup.

The Bengals played power football last season. They were the only team in the league other than the Jets to run more than they threw. Perhaps because of the additions they made at receiver, they throw it this year over 60% of the time. The quarterback should be plenty exposed as his struggling offensive line must now face a team with exotic fronts and blitz packages. This might be what the doctor ordered for the Jets.