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The End of Jets Kvetch

Like many of you, I was a huge fan of the blog Jets Kvetch, run by loyal GGN member Max VV. That's why a bit of a damper was put on yesterday's thrilling win when I went to the site and read this:

The Jets Kvetch no longer exists. I am far too busy to maintain and operate this site, and the stress has become more than I am willing to deal with, especially for a venture that was supposed to be fun. I still can not believe how quickly this site was never meant to become this big. Thank you so much to everyone who helped keep it afloat for its brief and fascinating life.

I'll now return to watching games the way I always used to, as a fan, sans soapbox.

- Max

I can understand where Max is coming from about as well as anybody. It's not easy to run a blog. It commands a ton of time. It's like a full time job without the pay. As a site grows, problems also pop up. Most people you'll run into provide great discussion, but there are always a few bad apples out there who just try to get under your skin. Bloggers are only human. It can hurt and be frustrating. To be honest, having enough time to blog probably doesn't say good things about one's balance in life.

While I understand these things, I am still profoundly sad to see one of my favorite sites is no more. One thing I love about the Jets blogosphere is that we really are all friends. There's no sense of cutthroat competition. It's sad to see that one of our own has moved on to other things. Things are less bright for Jets fans on the internet.

Your site will be missed, Max.