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A Bird's Eye View of the Miracle at NMS

I don't mean to be arrogant in saying I was at the game on Sunday; In fact, I don't get to go to many games at all. It was my first regular season game in four years. Just enjoy the piece I have put together for you:


As the sun turned away and the chill of the greasy meadowlands wind began to set in, I was reminded me that I was way too comfortable. First because it was 50 degrees in late November in north Jersey; second, because the Jets had a lead in a regulation American football game.

Something wasn't right.

Within minutes of the disappearing sun, our own Shonn Greene delivers, on cue, with what seemed to be a manageable turnover in the middle of the field. I figure, if there is a time to turn the ball over, its now. There are worse times to have a turnover than being up three scores in the fourth quarter, with the league's best defense, at home. Or so I thought.

Then the twelve minutes of the fourth quarter pass. Even before the review of Arian Foster's lead-changing touchdown was upheld, it knew it was over. My well-conditioned, inner Jets instincts took over and I was prepared for scenarios of a loss. The old gentleman behind me said "I've been going to Jets game for 25 years, and I've never seen them come back." He probably wasn't far off, as he along with half the stadium's inhabitants began to exit the building, including the ladies in front of me that seemed insulted when I smacked my hat against the railing at one point.

Then some guy in a green shirt wearing 17 caught this oddly shaped, oversized hot dog some fan must have thrown down on the field. WAIT, THAT'S BRAYLON EDWARDS!!! AND THAT'S A FOOTBALL!! HOLY *&#%. Bedlam. Hysteria. Could this be? But we are still on the six yard line!! The scoreboard promptly shows the suckers watching the game outside the stadium. It was as if Mike Tannenbaum was personally thanking us for sticking around. 

My seats were in section 319, row 12, seat 20. Right above the corner in which Santonio  Holmes made a catch almost as clutch as the one he made a year and nine months ago. The ball looked overthrown at first, but seemed to time-warp into Santonio's hands. NMS erupted. Chaos ensued. Volcano eruptions, massive frog migrations, blue whales. Happy Jet fans. Things few people see in their lifetime.

Perhaps if that old gentleman would buy into the new era of Jets fanhood, he might eventually see a comeback one day.