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Captain of the Tailgate: Q&A With World Famous Chef Ted Reader

For this week's Captain of the Tailgate post, I was able to secure a few questions with famous chef, Ted Reader on how to tailgate. He is an expert when it comes to grilling on gamedays. Click on the link to go to his website.

John B: What is the most common mistake a tailgating novice makes?

Ted Reader: Not enough pre preparation in terms of shopping, menu preparation and organization. AS well trying to do to much in a short period of time and lastly consuming too much alcohol while trying to cook
JB: If I just scored tickets the day of the game, what is a good thing to make that doesn't require much advanced planning?

TR: Burgers, Steak Sandwiches, Sausages (Brats) are always easy, but my planked twinkies make it all sweet and yummy
JB: If I realize I forgot something critical and see another party has it, what is the etiquette for asking them to borrow it?

TR: Send your leader of your pack over to the group that has what you are desire. Find their leader. Be polite and ask if they could spare a little something something that you require, and then If they say yes, say thank you and make sure you bring them a taste or at least their leader at taste of what you have made. A few shots of Jack shared among friends always works. Be nice and the doors will open
JB:How can a fan of a visiting team make sure they have a good time tailgating?

TR: Don’t abuse the home team and start emotions rolling. Be polite. You are in the home team's back yard. Be a fan, but be a nice fan. You are your team's ambassador, and you should be respectful of others. Wear your colors, shout your chants, have fun and maybe even offer the home team fans a little tasty treat from your booth. Make love, not war. "Have friends, not enemies," is my motto.

Thanks to Ted for his advice, and be sure to check out his website.