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StubHub Presents: Jets-Texans Ticket Giveaway, Enter Here To Win Two Tickets To Sunday's Game!

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StubHub has revolutionized the way tickets are purchased.

I think back a decade, and I remember what we had to go through to purchase tickets for a game that was sold out, or if we couldn't make it to the box office in time. We had to flag down "scalpers" at games, paying way too much money, and sometimes even getting ripped off.

And then StubHub entered the game in 2000, and everything changed. It was at this time, that the first legitimate outlet for purchasing tickets was founded.

I've used StubHub to purchase tickets for Jets games over the last five years, and will continue to. They even have a guarantee! With emergency options such as will call available for those of us that have a bad habit of forgetting tickets, you'll never be "shut out" of a game you've purchased tickets for.

I love StubHub, and everything they've done for the sports tickets industry. I love them even more, for sponsoring this giveaway I'm about to present to you all.

This Sunday, the Jets take on the Houston Texans.

Who wants to go to the game? Well, let's see how badly you want to go. Either via commenting in this thread, or sending GGN a Tweet, we want you to tell us:

"In your eyes, what does it mean to play like a Jet?"

Along with your answer, please include your e-mail address or phone number so we can contact you. Whichever is preferred.

The staff members here at GGN will vote on what we think is the best answer, and the lucky winner will receive two tickets to Sunday's game which I have in my hand right now and will forward instantly via e-mail. The contest will run for 24 hours, and will close at 6 P.M. eastern on Saturday, 11.20.2010.

Good luck, and PLAY LIKE A JET, BABY! And remember, thank the good people over at StubHub for this opportunity.