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When Rooting Interests Oppose Fantasy Interests

I loved Arian Foster as a fantasy sleeper heading into this season. Coming off his monster finish to 2009 and as a guy who was not going to be splitting carries, the potential seemed great. Add in a great passing game, and that meant no eight man fronts. I grabbed Foster in the middle rounds of both my fantasy drafts. When I did this in one of my leagues, another member said, "Who? Give me Andre Johnson, and you can have the rest of the Texans offense."

Flash forward, and Foster is leading the NFL in rushing and my fantasy leagues in points. He is the biggest reason I am 7-3 in both leagues. Now he faces my favorite team on Sunday. What am I to do? Don't I want both Foster and the Jets to do well.

In short, no. I want Foster totally shut down. I want the Jets to win big. Even if the Jets are up big in the fourth quarter, I want them to hold Foster out of the end zone. Point differential is a Playoff tiebreaker. If the Texans win, and Foster has a big day, will i take solace in the points he scored me? No, I will not. I'm not going to bench him because in a realistic sense, he is my best option. I'm not going to sabotage my team.  I won't give the points he scores back, but fantasy football is a ultimately diversion.  The Jets are way more important.

How do you feel?