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New York Jets' Front Office Makes A Noble Gesture, Reaches Out To 8-Year-Old Who Was Harassed By Browns Fan

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Earlier, Jersey Jet Fan reported about that idiot Cleveland Browns fan, whose cowardly nature drove him to tackle a poor, 8-year-old boy. A real classless move on his part.

The young sports fan was attending the game with his father and mother. As they were walking to their car to leave, the low-life drunken Browns fan tackled him, causing the poor kid to cry. The boy's ankle was badly scraped and bruised, but he sustained no other injuries.

Well, the Jets are taking action, and made a very noble gesture to attempt to make the boy's next Jets football game a more pleasant one. According to NYDN's Manish Mehta, Jets front office reached out to the young boy. Executive vice president Matt Higgins, told the family the Jets would fly them to New Jersey for free. Furthermore, Higgins offered to allow them to watch the game in a suite at New Meadowlands Stadium. He even went as far as to offer the boy autographed gear from coach Rex Ryan and Jets players.

The family graciously declined the offer, and Higgins hinted they were more interested in getting their privacy back.

A very classy move by Higgins and the Jets front office. Higgins offered a statement on the situation:

"It's terrible what happened to the kid," said Matt Higgins, the Jets' executive vice president of business operations. "Anyone as a parent can relate to how awful that is. Anything the Jets can do to improve his spirits, we wanted to extend the offer."

The Browns are reportedly investigating the incident, according to their vice president of media relations, Neal Gulkis.

Yet another classy move by the Jets' organization, just another reason I love this team and everything surrounding it, from top to bottom (yes, even Vernon Gholston!).