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Rex Names Candidates to Replace Jerricho Cotchery

Rex Ryan provided a list of names who might step up to fill the void if Jerricho Cotchery cannot go on Sunday.

That’s certainly a possibility that we can bring up Patrick (Turner from the practice squad), or we could just use the three receivers and use Joe McKnight or even (Jeff) Cumberland. There are different things we can do there.

I'm glad to hear they are considering options other than Brad Smith. Playing a traditional receiver role might be the only thing Brad doesn't do well, and I wouldn't like to see him diverted from his other roles.

I can't say I'm high on Turner. If the team really thought he was a solution at the position, he wouldn't be back on the practice squad after his active duty work.

McKnight is interested. It is good to hear that he is doing well enough in practice to even merit consideration. Why not split the more tested and reliable LaDainian Tomlinson wide, though?

Cumberland would certainly be interesting. While raw, the potential is all there. There aren't many 6'5" 255 guys out there capable of running a 4.46 40. His route running was raw coming out of college, but he was always a guy capable of making plays in traffic. He had issues as a blocker at tight end, but that won't be a problem if he splits out wide. Long term the Jets want him to develop into a quality tight end to create matchup problems in double tight sets like the Patriots do with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. If he is doing well enough to get consideration, why not give him a spin to see what he has?

Who do you think should replace Cotchery?