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Week 11 Rooting Guide

The pictures in the conference and division are coming into focus so it's time to bring back the weekly rooting guide.

Chicago over Miami: The Jets are comfortably ahead of the Dolphins, owning a two game lead and a head to head victory. Even so, the Dolphins still have time to rally if they get hot. There's nothing lost if an out of conference team gets a win. A Miami loss creates even more breathing room.

Carolina over Baltimore: In a race for seeding, the Jets own a one game lead over Baltimore, but the Ravens own a head to head victory. Again, a victory for an out of conference team does no harm.

Oakland over Pittsburgh: The only reason I say this in a battle of AFC Playoff contenders is the Steelers are a game behind the Jets, while Oakland is two back.

Indianapolis over New England: Get used to rooting hard against the Pats. The Jets are not only battling them for the division title. They are battling New England for the top seed in the AFC. The difference between winning and losing this race might be needing two home wins to go to the Super Bowl against needing three road wins to go.