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National Tailgating Championship this Sunday at the Meadowlands

America's Top Tailgater
America's Top Tailgater

Hey Jets fans, I was contacted by a representative from Bing this week on my personal blog, The Jersey Jets Fan, in regards to a Tailgating competition this Sunday before the Jets/Texans game. I figured I would share this information on GGN as well as my blog, because it sounds like it could be a great time. Maybe we could even get a Gang Green Nation group together for the Tailgate and eat some great food. Here's a message from Bing:

As you know, tailgating, for most football fans, is way beyond just cooking a few hot dogs in the parking lot before the game. This is certainly the case here in NY, where it’s a weekly ritual for fans to set up shop in the parking lot hours before game time to showcase their grilling talents, have a party and colorfully support their team.

Because of this passion and the social nature of tailgating Joe Cahn, the Commissioner of Tailgating, and Bing, the decision engine from Microsoft, have teamed up to host the first National Tailgating Championship. This week, Bing will host a regional competition at Meadowlands Stadium in NJ before the Jets/Texans game Stadium, competing with the recent Houston and Denver’s regional competitions (photos available upon request). With the Bing National Tailgating Championship, tailgaters from around the country will have the opportunity to compete for the first-ever title of "America’s #1 Tailgater." In addition, this competition gives fans the chance to prove that New York is worthy of being titled one of the country’s "tailgating capitals."

Here are the official rules to the competition if you are interested in cooking! Below is a video from the kickoff event in Houston on November 7th.

I will not be in attendance as I won't be home in New Jersey until Thanksgiving, but just curious, does anyone plan on going to the Tailgate? Sound off if your thinking about going in the comments section.