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Jets Flight Connections 11-17-10

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Jets players were busy giving back to the community yesterday.

QB Mark Sanchez hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner on Monday for players, coaches and family.

CBS analyst Phil Simms believes last Sunday was the best game of Mark's career so far.

Sanchez keeps progressing as a quarterback.

His elusiveness against Cleveland was a big accomplishment. (It also helped that the Browns defense was gassed.)

Mark carefully considers which products to endorse.

Sanchise is on the rise, while RB LaDainian Tomlinson's stock is declining.

WR Jerricho Cotchery values wins over personal accolades.

Don't forget to vote for J-Co's catch and the Jets comeback as GMC's Never Say Never Moment of the Week. shares video of an interview with J-Co on "Jets Extra Point". shares video of FB Tony Richardson for their "Fullback Disclosure" segment. shares video of RT Damien Woody for their "On The Line" segment.

OL Rob Turner played old school at Cleveland - O, D and ST.

ILB David Harris converses with The Jets Blog.

CB Drew Coleman is USA Today's Unsung Hero of the Week.

CB Darrelle Revis is gearing up for a rematch against Texans WR Andre Johnson.

Revis Island guards over Penn Station.

More connections after the jump.

Unlike this season, the Jets were losing close games last year.

The Jets would like to win without inducing heart attacks.

Jenny Vrentas takes another look at the game.

The Jets rank third on

The Jets rank fourth on SB Nation. They actually went down a spot from last week despite becoming the current top seed in the conference, despite having a win over the first-ranked Patriots and despite beating the team who embarrassed them last week.

Gang Green is listed first on Adam Caplan's rankings.

For Jersey Jets Fan it's a toss-up between two teams led by Ryans.

Jets Kvetch tells haters what's on the menu.

Jets Twit informs us about the tailgaiting contest at the new Jets stadium. informs us about Military Appreciation Day, as well as more info you'll need if you're going to the game.

Infinite Jets is brought to you by the number 46.

See how many former Jets made Deadspin's list of worst NFL players.

And see which current Jet is on there as well.

The Jets High School Coach of the Week is Mark Zielinski of North Brunswick.

Jets fans in Cleveland allege that Browns fans tackled their 8-year-old son. That would be sad if it was true, but even then, let's not judge a whole fanbase based on a their bad apples.

You can order your custom printed Jets M&Ms here.

LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson at Washington Park School:

Stay in shape with Sanchise: