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Jerricho Cotchery Has Groin Injury

Rod Boone has the latest on one of Sunday's ailing heroes.

Jerricho Cotcherywill have an MRI on his groin tomorrow. Cotchery said he's in a lot of pain, so I'd be stunned if he's able to play Sunday

It would be a real shame if he is lost for any amount of time. He finally had a big game after such a slow first half of the year.

The receivers have been rotating lately splitting snaps and moving around. Any loss of Cotchery would probably dictate Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmestaking more defined permanent roles in the offense. Things could be worse.

It would also probably dictate Brad Smith taking a bigger role as the third receiver. That would not be such a good thing.  Brad does a lot of things well, but running routes isn't one of them. His hands are also not great. Also, if he is needed in three receiver sets, it could limit the amount the Jets can use him in gadget plays. He'll need to get regular receiver reps.