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Battle of The Ryans: New York Jets Take On Cleveland Browns, Official Game Preview

The New York Jets (6-2) take on the Cleveland Browns (3-5)

Where: Cleveland Browns Stadium (Cleveland, OH.)

When: Nov. 14, 1 p.m., EST


Statline : Browns are 3-1 when outrushing their opponents Vs. Jets No. 4 rushing defense (87.4 yards per game).

Three in a row? [No, bad spot for the Brownies.]

The Browns are coming off two impressive wins versus New Orleans and New England. Those type of games take a lot of preparation, as well as taking a toll on the players as they are both mentally and physically exhausting.

Three is a magic number in the NFL, as we often see sayings like "three is a trend" and "can you beat the same team three times in one season?"

So the question is, are the Browns for real, and can they beat three postseason-caliber teams in three consecutive games? That is a tough feat for any team, and I think the Browns are in a "letdown" spot this week.

Colt McCoy: due for a 'humbling' game.

You can't say enough good things about what he's shown us thus far this season, with his arm as well as his legs. However, it's a small sample size and the rookie is due to come down to earth and have one bad game sooner or later.

DC Mike Pettine is a mastermind in both bringing and disguising coverage . While McCoy did see looks similar to those of Pettine's against Dick LeBeau's defense (Steelers), I think hes overdue for a stinker, as cliché as that sounds.

Jets are obviously going to bring a lot of pressure against the young quarterback on Sunday. The game will be won or lost in how McCoy deals with it, whether it is with his legs or getting the football out of his hands quicky and finding a safety valve to dump the ball off to. 

Similar brands of football

Offensively, these teams like to accomplish the same things and have similar gameplans. Both focus on a ball-control offense, and do so by utilizing a strong power-running game to keep the opposing offense on the field. Both look to dominate the time of possession and wear the opposition down as the game goes on.

Both teams are reserved about throwing the football:
Jets rank No. 25 in pass attempts at 32 times per game, while Cleveland ranks No. 28 throwing 28.9 times per game.

Nevermind the receivers, focus on defending Watson and Hillis

Who, you ask, is leading the team in receptions for the Browns? TE Benjamin Watson with 31 catches (drafted by Belichick) followed by RB Peyton Hillis (30).  Their other main playmaker is RB/KR/WR Josh Cribbs, who is a threat returning kicks as well as in gadget plays.

Frankly, our secondary should have a field day against their poor receiving corps comprised of Massaquoi, Stuckey, and Robiskie. This is a big week for CB Kyle Wilson, who will look to have a strong game and re-gain his confidence as he is being given the start. The last couple of weeks Wilson has seen most of his action on Westhoff's special teams unit. However, CB Drew Coleman is really struggling and has returned to his usual crap form, and this is the week Wilson can, once again, secure the starting job at the nickel back position.

Bottom Line

If the Jets can stop Hillis and force McCoy to try to beat them with his arm, I think they will win this game quite easily. Jets already have the scouting report on Mangini and I don't think his gimmicks are going to be effective this week.

The Browns defense has been good, but I think they've been playing a bit above their ability. They are an opportunistic unit which relies on speed and guys being in the right place and right time to force turnovers or mistakes by the offense.They are not a particularly stout defense, per se, although they do have a pretty solid interior of their DL anchored by NT Shaun Rogers. 

A couple of weeks back, they picked off QB Drew Brees four times, and forced two fumbles against New England en route to victory in both games. They rely on the big play, and if the Jets can play smart football, namely by running the football effectively, they can neutralize the Browns.  

Cleveland does lead the all-time series Vs. Gang Green and are 12-7 against them,  and have won four out of the last five matchups. That statistic is due for a correction, these are not the 'Same Old Jets.'

The Browns and QB Colt McCoy are due to come down to earth (after two impressive wins against NE and New Orleans), and they will on Sunday:

Jets 23, Browns 13