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Rex Ryan Responds To Eric Mangini's Verbal Jabs

Paging, Cleveland Browns head coach, Eric Mangini: "You've just made the list, buddy."

That's robably not a good thing. Today, Rex responded to the verbal jabs by the Cleveland Browns head coach. You know, the one who is still yet to win a postseason game in his career.

Ryan, who by the way, has won two postseason games as head coach, versus Mangini who has won none in a longer time span:

"He took a shot at me and it wobbled me," said Ryan, who underwent lap-band surgery in the offseason. "There is no question about it, it staggered me.

"So I've got one message to say to Eric Mangini: You've just made the list buddy."

This was in response to the following statement by Mangini yesterday:

"I think everyone in New York is happy about that," Mangini said of a slimmed-down Ryan, "except maybe Macy's losing one of their floats." .