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Uniform Issue Lands Bart Scott $20K Fine

The NFL is cracking down on late hits and handing out fines appropriately. 

They are also handing out fines for chin straps. Per AP news:

Jets linebacker Bart Scott and Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco have each been fined $20,000 by the NFL for violating the league's uniform policy.

Scott was fined Friday for playing without having his chin straps snapped at all times - a safety issue - during the Jets' 23-20 overtime victory at Detroit last week.

Ochocinco wore gold cleats during the Bengals' 27-21 loss at Pittsburgh on Monday night. He was previously fined $25,000 for violating the league's social media policy.

If Ocho Cinco and Scott were in the same ring together boxing, Ocho would probably get demolished. Just saying.