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Thank you Eric Mangini

I, like many Jets fans, dislike Eric Mangini. Dislike might even be an understatement. He was once dubbed "Mangenious" after his surprising trip to the playoffs his first year with the Jets, he was even made a cameo on the Sopranos. But his honeymoon wore off faster then anyone could have guessed, He (along with Brett Favre) blew an 8-3 record in the 2008 season after the Jets were tentative favorites to make the Super Bowl. The Jets ended up missing the playoffs completely and Mangini was run out of town . But thankfully, Mangini has given us more then we ever could have imagined.. after he left New York.

So here is my thanks to Eric Mangini, not for what he did in New York, but for what he did when he left.

Rex Ryan: The most obvious result of Mangini's departure was the coach who proceeded him. REX. RYAN. The guy fits perfectly in New York, with an attitude and personality as big as the city itself. We went from having a coach who couldn't deal with the media, to a coach who gives the media more punchlines then they could dream of. Ohh, and I forget, Rex can coach.

Mark Sanchez: If it weren't for Eric Mangini and his desire to take some of his players from the Jets over to the Browns, we might not have Mark Sanchez. The draft day trade that essentially turned out to be Mark Sanchez, for a 2nd round pick plus Kenyon Coleman, Abram Elam and Brett Ratliff, has worked out wonderfully for the Jets and not bad for the Browns. Thank you for our franchise QB Mangini.

Braylon Edwards: Say what you want about Braylon, but he has produced so far this year. He might act like a bonehead occasionally, but he is a legit deep threat for Sanchez. The Jets traded Chansi Stuckey, special teamer Jason Trusnik, along with 2 draft picks for Braylon. Once again, the trade has benefited both teams.

Draft Choices: With the exception of Vernon Gholston, Mangini was money in the first round of the draft. Thanks to Mangini (and Mike Tannenbaum), we currently have D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis and Dustin Keller. Let's not forget our stud second round middle linebacker either, David Harris. Mangini might not have been able to coach, but he wasn't too bad at giving us some great draft picks.

Brian Shottenheimer: Just kidding.. Shotty is a left over from the Mangini regime, but he is honestly one of those coaches that I wish departed with him. I truely think this team has too many weapons to be held scoreless in a game and I think that a lot of that is due with Brian Shottenheimer. Mangini, you can have him back.

So Jets fans, even though many of us dislike Eric Mangini, let's say thank you for giving us some keys players on our roster.. You're long gone Mangini, but your gifts just keep on giving..

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