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Vernon Gholston and Kyle Wilson Will See More Snaps Against Cleveland Browns

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Rex Ryan said so in his press conference today:

I can see Kyle playing more.  Without question, I can see him playing more this week.


I just think the way he’s practiced.  He’s had some good weeks in a row and I think he’s ready to take on more.  The last couple of weeks he’s only had two or three plays on defense.  He should play more than that this week.  He will play more than that.


I think he’s (Gholston) been playing better.  I think he earns the right to play more.


Gholston has earned more playing time. He was fantastic in a limited role in Detroit. I'm past the point of hoping for a turning point. I'll believe it when I see it. Even so, finally seeing some sign of life is somewhat encouraging.

Wilson must be impressing in practice, which is clearly a good sign. He looked very tentative and unsure of himself early. I like to hear Rex tell us that Wilson has played his way back into the lineup opposed to him just getting another try because of Drew Coleman's recent stumbles.