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Sprint Game Ball: Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis had not looked like the most dominant corner in the game at all this season. He played extremely well in the opener against the Ravens, but the Jets did not stick him exclusively on Anquan Boldin, who had a big night. He sustained an injury in the second game as he was being torched by Randy Moss. Uneven performances against Minnesota and Denver followed missed games. He was good against the Packers but not dominant.

Then came the Lions and Calvin Johnson. Johnson is a physical freak at 6'5" 236 pounds and the owner of blazing speed. When matched up with Revis it looked like a physical mismatch in the receiver's favor. During the game, it was a mismatch in Revis' favor as the wideout caught one ball. Revis followed him all over the field and shut him down.

Even a slightly below average game from Johnson might have been enough for the Lions to put up the necessary points to avoid overtime. Revis took away this elite target by himself. That's enough for him to get my Sprint Game Ball.

Who gets your game ball?