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Report: Randy Moss Will Be Released By Minnesota Vikings, Rex Ryan Comments

It is uncommon in the NFL to "rent" a player for four games in exchange for a third-round draft pick.

That is, effectively, what Brad Childress and the Minnesota Vikings have done. After hauling in 13 catches for 174 yards and two touchdowns for Minnesota, NFL Network's Michael Lombardi is reporting he is to be released by the Vikings.

Moss is known as being a guy who doesn't give 100 percent effort at all times, and QB Brett Favre was a big reason that Moss landed in Minnesota. Favre is now ailing, and his status for the rest of the season is uncertain. Moss also expressed his distaste towards management after their loss to the New England Patriots yesterday, and he will likely now be on the waiver wire as a result. The wide receiver said Minnesota's coaching staff did not listen to his strategy on how to play against New England. 

So where will he go? Adam Schefter speculates via a Tweet:

Teams likely to consider claiming Randy Moss on waivers: Cowboys, Redskins, Rams, Bears, Dolphins, Raiders, Chiefs, Jets, Patriots.     

What Rex had to say on the issue (via Bob Glauber):

Rex Ryan on Randy Moss: "We really can't talk about Randy Moss until he passes through the waiver wire. We're not going to touch that one."    

Our thoughts:

As usual, Schefter speculates like only he can do (notice nothing was verified in that tweet). Saying the Jets have any interest at all in Moss is completely ridiculous. Holmes is still getting acclimated to the offense and is having trouble playing alongside Edwards as it is, which was manifested in yesterday's game. Right now, I would say we don't even have a true "WR1." We're still figuring out how we're going to involve all of these targets in our offense, yet we would look to bring in Moss to complicate things? NO. Having a receiving corps comprised of Holmes, Edwards and Moss would never work, it would be a matter of days before one of them started complaining about not getting enough targets.

Not even mentioning the fact that a lot of Jets don't like Moss, and he's a locker room cancer that will throw any team's coaching staff under the bus. We don't need that, and I really doubt GM Mike Tannenbaum was interested in the first place. 

Lastly, the Jets are near the bottom of the waiver order, so they would have one of the last cracks at him. We'll do some speculating of our own and say Seattle, St. Louis, Washington and Chicago are all more viable candidates that would consider picking up Moss.