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Bart Scott Postgame Press Conference

On if this is the closest this defense has come to resembling last year’s defense so far…

I don’t know.  I have to look at the film.  We always can be better.  You don’t want to let them get in field goal range, but it happens.  They had the favorable field position and it’s football out there.  Early in the year, in certain games, it was happening for other teams and they had to respond.  Whenever you’re put in adverse situations, you deal with it. 


On the different looks the defense showed Aaron Rodgers

We just played coverage.  We mixed it up, brought simulated pressure.  We mixed our personnel groups up and we just tried to make plays.  I think the guys did a good job, but it wasn’t good enough to get the win.  All the credit goes to that team.  They made enough plays to win, and you just move on. 


On what the defense improved on…

Getting them off the field on third down, we improved on.  That’s something we hang our hats on.  We want to continue (that).  You don’t like to give up the long run there, but you want to be consistent.  (On) third-down, you respect the pass.  They caught one on us, but even when we’re in a light box, we still have to make the plays.