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The Brett Favre Saga Continues: Two More Women Come Forward with Accusations

Today, the NFL announced they would be doing a formal investigation on the issue. After which, nearly every MSM in New York reported on it. This story isn't going away any time soon, because Deadspin now has two sources that allegedly were also approached by Favre in 2008.

Two women who worked for the Jets in 2008 as massage therapists have come forward and said Favre sent one of them inappropriate text messages and invited them both to come back to his hotel room.

Here's what Deadspin reported:

The woman who was massaging Brett that day (massage therapist No. 2, or "Lindsay") exchanged numbers with him. (Mandy claims it's common for players to take the numbers of team-contracted massage therapists should they need additional rubdowns off campus. Yeah, I know. Please don't.)

Lindsay received a text message from Favre, according to Mandy. Lindsay assumed it was for a massage but quickly realized Brett was asking for more. He invited both Lindsay and Mandy back to his hotel room. Mandy claims that the texts became increasingly inappropriate ("just nasty stuff"), but she adds that Brett did apologize when he found out she was married.

Mandy's husband "John" reached out both to Deadspin and the Post. They don't want to reveal their names just yet, John says, and they "don't want photographers on their front lawn." But they said they're still considering going public with it. First, they want to talk to the NFL and the Jets.

Sorry guys, but this issue isn't going away anytime soon. Could Favre be the next Tiger Woods?