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Jets Flight Connections 10-08-10


Lisa Zimmerman reports from the practice field, including HC Rex Ryan on special teams.

OC Brian Schottenheimer has simplified the offense since Week 1.

The Fifth Down tracks the progress of sophomore QB Mark Sanchez.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson motivates his teammates.

FB John Conner's new nickname is "Concrete".

WR Santonio Holmes feels blessed for his chance with Gang Green. shares video of the former Super Bowl MVP.

OL Wayne Hunter may hit the field again.

DT Kris Jenkins will try to play in the NFL again.

It is now up to CB Darrelle Revis to decide if he can play, as the medical staff have approved his health.

CB Antonio Cromartie agrees with Revis that former New England WR Randy Moss didn't give his best effort.

CB Kyle Wilson's role will be simplified.

CB Drew Coleman will be trusted upon more.


More connections after the jump.

Some ex-teammates don't exactly miss former Jets QB Brett Favre.

Jets great WR Wayne Chrebet blogs about the difference between former Jets QBs Vinny Testaverde and Brett the Jet.

Can you believe it's been ten years since the Monday Night Miracle?

The official team website shares all you need to know about game day.

NBC Analyst Tony Dungy blogs about visiting Florham Park.

Here's what ESPN Analyst John Gruden might say about the MNF game.

HC Rob Blount of Oceanside is the High School Coach of the Week.

Jersey Jets Fan looks forward to Monday's match-ups.

Jets Kvetch has been busy adding new writers covering the topics of the junk and the slouch.

Here is the drive leading to WR Braylon Edwards' score:

This drive results in WR Brad Smith's TD pass to TE Dustin Keller:

And DK's second touchdown: