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Is Drew Coleman Moving Up in the World?

Rex Ryan indicated Drew Coleman might be moving up on the depth chart at his press conference today:

On if Drew Coleman will start if Revis can’t play this week…

I think so. I thought Drew played really well last week. He’s doing really well for us. The one kid’s a little snakebit right now. For some reason you can be making great plays and then all of a sudden you get in a little spell and it seems like everything that’s thrown up is caught. He’s a little snakebit, but he’ll work through it.

On if Coleman will play the nickel spot if Revis plays…

That’s definitely a possibility.

I would like to see this. Coleman has earned it, and it will give Kyle Wilson easier assignments to get more comfortable with the pro game and build his confidence. Once these things click, Wilson will be something to behold. It will be easier if the team puts him in a position to find success.