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Revitalized Randy Moss, A Serious Danger!

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For some time we have heard about the tendencies of Randy Moss, how he is a "slouch" (Revis), and how he "he plays when he wants to" (Cromartie). However a revitalized Moss in Minnesota can be a real danger.

Randy Moss made several comments over the summer and before the season began about his contract situation and not feeling like he was wanted. I think we all know that a personality like Randy will not play to his potential while sulking, which in my opinion he has been doing in New England.

However now he is back in an environment in which he flourished, he's with a team who have said they will discuss his contract at some point over the coming days and I imagine he will really be feeling the love in Minnesota this week. Now this is not to say that he didn't get any love from the New England faithful, but in his mind, the ownership didn't show the money and at the end of the day, that's what matters.

When he was traded to the Patriots from the Oakland Raiders, he went through a season of renaissance. He was playing out every route, he was cutting and blocking with the best of them. The result was a 98 reception, 1,493 yard/23 TD season season for the future Hall of Fame receiver.

I guess I'm just very wary of the damage that he could cause on MNF against the Jets. Cromartie himself admitted that Moss was not playing all out over the 2nd half of the week 2 game. Revis will be returning from a hamstring injury which can be very tender. If we have a Randy Moss that is going all out on every play, he could cause us some serious trouble.

I have faith in Revis, Cromartie and co, but the Randy Moss you saw beating Revis on his spectacular one handed touchdown grab in week 2 is the one we may see for 4 quarters this Monday night. Randy Moss is a player that plays off comfort and mental stability. If he's sulking he won't be half as effective.

John earlier this week, ran a poll to ask readers who they would like to see put on Moss this upcoming Monday. In the end it really was a split decision with nearly an equal amount voting for Revis, Cromartie & both. If we do get a revitalized Moss, Revis Island might have to be back to 2009 form to stop it hurting us any more than we can afford it to.