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The Infamous Deadspin Video: Brett Favre's Penis Gets a Cameo

Brett Favre loves being the center of attention.

This afternoon, he has been all of that and more. Only, it's not about his reaction to the Randy Moss acquisition, or his preparation for the Monday Night Football showdown in New Meadowlands Stadium ---- it's about his penis.

Deadspin finally released the exclusive voice mails and Myspace messages that a man, who is alleged to be Favre, reportedly sent to Jennifer Sterger. 

Deadspin compiled the information into the form of a video, with the messages leading into voicemails, which then concludes with one hell of a NSFW moment. 

The video also mentions how Favre allegedly first noticed Sterger when she was near the Jets' tunnel during a game. He also mentions how to contact him: through Jets' Senior Manager for Public & Media Relations, Jared Winley.

I'm not going to post the video, but if you choose to view it, click (here). Remember, this video is extremely Not Safe For Work, with explicit images.

Hey Brett, looks like you were caught with your.....