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Jets Flight Connections 10-07-10


John B. shares his optimism on SBN New York.

QB Mark Sanchez has been a good example for Latinos - as well as everybody else.

Gang Green wouldn't be the way they are without former Jets QB Brett Favre.  I see his acquisition as a necessary evil.

The Fifth Down defends Brett the Jet.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson understands Minnesota WR Randy Moss' situation, going to a new team for a resurgence.

LT was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Vote LT for FedEx Ground Player of the Week.

Vote LT for GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week.

LT and teammates have been encouraging rookie RB Joe McKnight. shares a video interview with FB Tony Richardson. also shares a video of STC Mike Westhoff.

WR Braylon Edwards writes another blog entry for GQ.  (Thanks to OnceYourAJet.)

WR Santonio Holmes is a pretty confident guy.

It looks like OLB Calvin Pace will play on Monday.

It's still not fully certain whether CB Darrelle Revis will hit the field.

Revis had comments about the slouch.

KC Joyner shares metrics on the team's cornerbacks.

SS Jim Leonhard says that miscommunication was at fault for the Moss TD over Revis. shares video of Little Leonhard mic'd up.


More connections after the jump.

GM Mike Tannenbaum may show up at a high school game in Bernards township tomorrow.  But no guarantees.

The Jets are number one, according to Jet Nation.

Jets Kvetch shares their opinion on Favre.

Former Jets WR David Clowney will get a better opportunity with Carolina.

Clowney may have been misinterpreted.

Former Jets QB Brett Ratliff has signed on with New England.

Former Jets S Tyrone Carter has signed on with San Diego.

Former Jets DL Marques Douglas worked out for Tennessee but wasn't signed.

Former Jets DT Ty Steinkuhler has signed on with the CFL's Montreal Alouetttes.

Former Jets TE Jason Pociask now plays for the UFL's Florida Tuskers.  I looked up that team's roster and found that a bunch of ex-Jets are on there: QB Brooks Bollinger, G Adrien Clarke, WR Chas Gessner, TE Jermaine Wiggins, LB Anthony Schlegel, S J.R. Reed.  Also, a tusker is an adult male wild boar.  I thought they were elephant hunters or something.

Here is the drive that led to a TD by the AFC's Offensive Player of the Week:


And here is the drive that led to a second TD by the future Hall of Famer: