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Randy Moss' Destination: Revis Island or Alcrotraz?

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The Jets have an interesting decision to make on defense this Monday. Darrelle Revis is the best corner on the team. He has a great track record against Randy Moss aside from one play when Moss faked him out of his shoes three weeks ago. The Jets have another corner, though, Antonio Cromartie, who totally shut Randy down in the second half of that game after Revis left with a hamstring injury.

It leaves the question as to what the Jets should do. Both have the strength and athleticism to give Moss problems at the line in press coverage. In a normal situation, Revis would be the obvious choice, but do the Jets want to break him in easy? Pehaps they could allow both to take one side of the field, and match up to whatever side Moss comes.

What do I think? I want to see the return of Revis Island. I know he has been out, but he is a great athlete and will probably be ready to roll from the second he steps on the field. This is the time of year when pitchers in baseball become legends by demanding the ball from their manager in big games. I'm sure Revis wants more than anything to avenge that touchdown in the first game back. I could see the competitor in him lobby Rex to let him take Moss so he can reassert his domination of the receiver.