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Should the New York Jets Replace Kyle Wilson at Nickel With Drew Coleman?

The Jets have given rookie corner Kyle Wilson some extremely difficult assignments at the start of the year. Part of it has been out of necessity. Darrelle Revis' injury forced him into the starting lineup. He has perhaps not so surprisingly struggled, frequently looking tentative and failing to identify the football. He will get more comfortable with experience. The return of Revis will take a lot of pressure off him.

It might be worth taking even more pressure off the rookie. Everybody's favorite whipping boy, Drew Coleman, is playing solid football for the Jets at corner. He impressed the Jets enough to replace Wilson in the starting lineup last week and did good work in coverage against an admittedly suspect Bills receiving corps. It might be worth seeing what Coleman can do with Wilson struggling.

Wilson did his best work during the second half of Week 2, when the Jets played him more underneath against running backs and tight ends. He looked comfortable. The Jets giving him easier assignments in the short term could do wonders for his confidence and comfort level.

I really think Wilson is going to be special once he puts it all together. I also think this is the kind of thing that could help his progress.