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Minnesota Vikings Are a Good Opponent for Darrelle Revis' Return

In the opener against Baltimore, the Jets seemed to leave Darrelle Revis on one side of the field instead of having him follow Anquan Boldin around. They were taking extra precautions in case Darrelle was not in ideal shape. Rex Ryan later admitted it was a mistake as Boldin had a 100 yard game.

With Sidney Rice out of the lineup, the Vikings do not have a very good corps of receivers. The Vikings have played one less game than the Jets, but Percy Harvin leads their wide receivers with  only 106 yards. Braylon Edwards leads the Jets with 227. Harvin is a speedy, athletic big play threat. He, however, has not shown the consistency of a number one receiver.

Take a look at the other Minnesota receivers. Do Greg Lewis, Bernard Berrian, or Greg Camarillo strike fear in your heart? The Jets should be able to stick Revis on one side of the field. There is no one weapon this team has to take away to slow down Minnesota's passing attack.

The only guys the Jets might want to target with Revis is tight end Visanthe Shiancoe when Minnesota splits him wide. Shiancoe seems to be the target with whom Brett Favre is most comfortable early in the year.