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Mike Florio Calls Jets the "Best Team in the NFL"

No, the year is not 2012, or I would get extremely worried for humanity's sake. But the Mike Florio, the writer for who graciously took up our bet and wore a Wayne Cherbet jersey on "PFTV" a few weeks ago, has written words I never thought I would see on the infamous football news source site:

The Jets, who'll host the Vikings, "likely" will have three big names in the lineup for the game: receiver Santonio Holmes, linebacker Calvin Pace, and cornerback Darrelle Revis.

If it happens, it makes the best team in the NFL right now (yes, I said it) even better.

As you sit there, stunned, as unable to move as I was, let me begin to say that Mike Florio and his crew have gotten much better in terms of reporting facts and less of reporting their own opinions. I will go back to linking to their site without feeling like I'm selling my soul.

Ok, by now, the stun should have worn off by now and you should have feeling in your extremities.