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Oh You Fancy, Huh? Jets Top NFL in Point Differential

This Jets team was touted by many analysts as one that wouldn't be able to find the end zone.

I mean, their young QB was entering his second year and due for the inevitable "sophomore slump," LG Alan Faneca was released, and that Tomlinson guy just has nothing left in the tank.

As usual, just like the weathermen, the same analysts Jets' haters were wrong, and should be eating crow right now. You know: Mike Francesa, Mike Florio, Mark Schlereth, Teddy Bruschi. I don't personally perceive any of these four as 'analysts,' but others do, and am just making a point here.

After taking Buffalo to the woodshed yesterday, Jets are currently No. 1 in NFL in point differential, at +45 points!

Oh you fancy, huh?!?!?