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Jets Flight Connections 10-04-10


The official team website shares video highlights from the team's win yesterday.

Both RBs LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene went over 100 yards yesterday.  I believe the last time that happened was Monday Night 2004.

HC Rex Ryan loves being right about LT, who has surpassed expectations.

WR Brad Smith felt awesome after throwing his first touchdown in the league.

OLB Coach Jeff Weeks has known CB Drew Coleman for a long time.

DE Shaun Ellis has some soreness under the kneecap.

Jets Twit shares messages from players after the win.

Buffalo S Donte Whitner: "They came out and punched us in the mouth each and every snap."

Pro Interviews shares an interview with Buffalo WR Steve Johnson.


A reason to dislike former Jets QB Brett Favre after the jump.

This is Jets great DE Mark Gastineau, who held the record for most sacks in a season for a long time:


This is how his record was broken:


From Wikipedia:

Before the sack that enabled Strahan to set the record, Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre spoke briefly with him. On the next play, the Packers ran a bootleg with Favre faking a handoff then rolling out to Strahan's side. With Strahan coming free, Favre slid down rather than make an attempt to avoid and Strahan fell on top of Favre for an easy sack. After the play, during the ensuing celebration, many of the Giants' defensive players patted Favre on the helmet. At least one observer accused Favre of deliberately falling to ensure that Strahan would get the record.[5] Mike Freeman, New York Times columnist wrote: "Yes, Mr. Favre, Strahan deserves the record, but please, handing it to him the way you did, as if you were throwing change into a Salvation Army bucket, is the kind of mistake Favre may never live down.