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Green Bay Packers Pass Offense Could Present Problems for New York Jets Defense

I am a bit concerned about the way the Jets match up with the Packers when Green Bay throws the ball. Aaron Rodgers is an elite quarterback. His interceptions are up this year, and I have noticed some accuracy issues at times. He reminds me a bit of Drew Brees in that he really does not lock onto a receiver. He spreads the ball around the field. Donald Driver leads the club with 28 receptions, but five other Packers have at least 17. (One of them, tight end Jermichael Finley is out for the year.)

The Jets run primarily a man based scheme. Antonio Cromartie is playing very well. So is Drew Coleman. After that, things are dicier. We are hearing Darrelle Revis looks good. We have been hearing a lot of that since his hamstring ailment first emerged after the opener. We need to see it from him before we can declare he is truly back. Kyle Wilson is still getting his sea legs at the pro level. This could be dangerous against a quarterback unafraid to go to his secondary targets.

While Green Bay's offensive line is not a strength to the degree it is for the Jets, they do compensate by frequently leaving in extra blockers to help Rodgers to fill problem spots. The blitz has clearly not been as effective for New York this year as it was a year ago.

Am I running through the streets screaming with concern? No, but Green Bay's style might give the Jets some problems.