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Should the New York Jets Utilize the Third and Long Draw Against the Green Bay Packers?

One thing I have noticed when watching the Packers are the unique fronts they use in their subpackages. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers is widely considered an innovator and one of the biggest influences behind bringing the zone blitz to the NFL. He likes to find new ways to bring pressure.

In nickel and dime packages, the Packers utilize less defensive linemen than most teams. Against Minnesota last Sunday in particular, I picked up their base nickel is a 2-4-5. The idea behind it is mainly disguising pass rushers. When there are 4 men on the line, the offensive line knows which 4 men are coming. When a defense rushes 4 in a 2-4-5, a pair are not evident. There are a lot of possible blitz combinations.

Green Bay also has a package called the Psycho in which they line up in a 1-5-5.

This makes me wonder whether the Jets should consider running a draw or two on third and long when the Packers go to these packages. The advantage in these looks for a defense is in the deception it provides blocking schemes. The disadvantage is it takes a lot of beef off the field. Linebackers are smaller than linemen and have a more difficult time getting off power blocks.

I'm not a big fan of the third and long run, but it might be a good idea this week to keep Green Bay honest.