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Captain of the Tailgate: When Should You End Your Tailgate?

Captain Morgan is sponsoring a series of tailgating posts on Fridays for SBN's NFL blogs. This is our first post. I'd like to start out with a simple question. When should you shut down your tailgate to go to the stadium?

I'm the kind of guy who wants to get to the stadium early. I like to be able to watch pregame introductions. I also want to make sure a long line doesn't keep me from missing the opening kickoff. My ideal time of arriving in the stadium is about a half hour before kickoff.

With the clean up and standing in line, that means I usually like to end my tailgate about an hour before kickoff. I know this is early for a lot of people, but I'm there for the game. There will be plenty of time for a postgame tailgate, where it's more relaxed, and you can linger for a long time.Of course, if you can find a friend with season tickets, you can get all of the fun of a tailgate with a fraction of the work and linger a little longer before the kick.

How long do you think you should wait before shutting down your tailgate?

And remember if you plan on drinking Captain Morgan or any other kind of alcohol, take public transportation or have a designated driver.