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Interesting Article on Jets-Packers


I wouldn't be a good journalist If I didn't accurately portray both sides of the story for the game on Sunday. Here is a summary, and yes, this was really posted on the Web:

  • The Jets Receiving corp is still average, even with the addition of Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards. Thus, the mismatch between Green Bay's secondary and the Jets receiver's is a complete mismatch. Even with all the protection he has had, Mark Sanchez is only completing 55% (60% is about the average) of his passes, is always trying his best to just not throw interceptions. A clear indication of just how average his receiving corp is.
  • I don't know anything about the Jets Special Teams so screw it. All I know is that I hope to see more of McCarty's fake field goal attempts in the future.

My Response: (where to start....?)

Bullet 1) A QB's completion percentage is not solely based on the quality of his receivers, that's ridiculous. A quarterbacks' accuracy, awareness,  technique... as well as offensive line play and offensive schemes all come into play for completion percentage.  Furthermore, I don't see a WR corps comprised of Edwards-Holmes-Cotchery as 'average.' Holmes has only been active for two weeks and will continue to improve as the season goes on. He is a phenomenal compliment to Edwards, as opposing secondaries must keep a safety at home but somehow keep an eye on both of them.  Jets are scoring 26.5 points per game, so they must be doing something right!

Oh, did I mention our receiving corps will be going up against a banged-up secondary? Packers have three defensive backs on IR, as well as CB Al Harris and S Atari Bigby questionable (one of the two will likely play, but this would be their first game back from injury). 

Bullet 2) Memo to the genius author of this fine article: 1/3 of the game of football is decided by a team's special teams unit! So, you should maybe take a look at that, because Mike Westhoff fields one of the top units in the NFL. Jets have been great on coverage this year, as well as receiving strong play from Weatherford and Folk.