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Coverage Dispute Regarding Sunday's Jets Game: Woody Johnson Speaks With Cablevision

Jets fans in the tri-state area who are Cablevision customers are not happy at the moment. Because of the impasse between Cablevision and Fox, Sunday's game is in jeopardy of being blacked out for those with Cablevision. The reason being, because the Jets play an NFC team and FOX is in charge of coverage.

According to Rich Cimini, Jets' owner Woody Johnson reportedly spoke with Cablevision and issued the following statement.

"Today, I spoke with Cablevision and News Corporation about the importance of broadcasting our game this Sunday," Johnson said in a statement that was released to the Jets' official web site. "Both companies acknowledged the passion of our fans and their desire to watch the game. If a resolution cannot be reached, I hope that they can set aside their differences to air our game against the Packers."

Not looking good, though. Our recommendation would be to go to a sports bar to watch the game for those that are Cablevision customers.