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Numbers Don't Lie: Miami Dolphins' Wildcat Formation Was Deceptive Last Year, But Now Sucks

Certain offensive formations and schemes are used in college football only, as defenders are much more athletic and powerful at the professional level. Athletes in the NFL have much better closing speed.

The Miami Dolphins never received that memo, and they thought they had found something with the Wildcat formation. You know, that gimmicky look which attempts to stretch out defenses because the team doesn't have enough receiving threats to do so. The type of formation you operate out of no more than five times per game, so as to not give your opponent film to study in how to defend against it.

"It doesn't matter," Dolphins' coaching staff said. "They still won't be able to stop it!" Well, as laughable as that was last year, it's even more comical now.

Mike Berardino of the Sun-Sentinel has been keeping track of the Dolphins' Wildcat formation Vs. Jets' Tigercat (or Seminole, as he refers to it), and it's clear which has been more effective this season. (numbers do not include Miami's previous game Vs. Pittsburgh)

For the year, the Dolphins have produced just 27 yards on 16 Wildcat rushes (1.7-yard average), plus another Brown incompletion. Just one first down has come out of the Wildcat.

Even more troubling, five Wildcat rushes - nearly one in three attempts - have gone for a loss (including the past two) and another went for no gain.

The Jets, meanwhile, are averaging a robust 6.5 yards on their 15 Seminole rushes, including five first downs. Plus, Smith, who also plays wide receiver and returns kicks, threw a 3-yard touchdown pass to Dustin Keller in Buffalo.

That's a total of 101 yards of production for the Seminole, or nearly four times what the Wildcat has produced so far this year for the Dolphins on one extra snap.

So, Miami coaching staff who clearly thought they were the exception to the rule here, your ignorance has done you in. Yes, there is too much of a good thing. You effectively killed any deceptiveness your gimmicky formation had in the first place: congratulations.

Tigercat > Wildcat