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Jets Spend Bye Week In Self Help Clinic

While the players were away catching up on sleep, doing TV spots and generally just getting some rest. The Jets coaching staff were knee deep in film......of each other.

During the bye week Manish reports that the Jets had an in-depth exercise regarding their weaknesses. The offensive coaches put together a game plan to play the Jets defence, the Jets defence put a game plan together to play the Jets offence:

Rex Ryan's analysis of his team during the bye week included a thorough self-scout to help expose weaknesses on both sides of the ball. The Jets' coaching staff prepared game plans to identify potential trouble spots. Ryan and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine designed a detailed plan to stop the Jets' offense. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer gave his thoughts on the best way to attack the defense. The end game was simple: Clean up areas that opponents can target.

So let us do a little breakdown ourselves, I'm asking all GGN members to have a good think about this and come back with the three key areas for each side. What do you think Brian S saw in the Jets defence which he could exploit, and what do you believe Rex and Pettine saw in the Jets offence which had them licking their chops?